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Is anyone else obsessed with the Salicylic Acid range from Super Facialist? The wash is my holy grail product and it has worked wonders on my skin. I used to really suffer with hormonal acne this has now settled down a lot more and I definitely think my consistent use of the wash has made all the difference! 

I would really like to see more products in this range! Maybe a moisturiser or targeted treatment? That would be amazing. 



We are always looking for new product ideas and want to develop the best products that our customers will love! This is a great idea, and I will definitely take it to our new product team so we can work on something!

Thank you!


I'm absolutely loving the Happy Naturals Curl Regime & would love a product like a curl cream to complement it. Is this something you're thinking of?


For dry skin which is lacking radiance I'd suggest a combination of our Rosehip Hydrate & Vitamin C+ Brighten regimes. For AM I would suggest cleansing with something like our Rosehip Creamy Cleanser, followed by our Rosehip SPF Day Cream to nourish & protect. If you also wanted to add in a Serum you could try our Vitamin C+ Glow Boost Skin Serum. In the evening try our Vitamin C+ Skin Renew Cleansing Oil as your first cleanse to remove make up, SPF & daily impurities. For your second cleanse you could use the same Creamy Cleanser as you use in the morning or a couple of times a week switch this out for the Vitamin C+ Daily Gentle Micro Polish Wash to gentle exfoliate skin. You could then add in the Serum again or if you wanted to jump straight to Night Cream use our Rosehip Peaceful Skin Night Cream.

I hope that helps! Let us know how you get on! x

Hey team – really keen to get some advice. Love your Super Facilaist skincare range but not 100% what is right for my skin type. I’d say my skin is dry but really lacks radiance and can look a bit dull. What regime / products would you recommend for me?

 😍 I actually haven't tried this yet so I must! 


Can we just take a moment to appreciate these super sized bottles. 😍 I'm totally obsessed with Dirty Works' coconut bath soak. I still can't quite get over how huge the bottle is and the fact that it costs less than £5, let alone the fact that it's so good! We're talking a PROPER bubble bath when this goes in the tub, not just a few bubbles that disappear as you soak. This combined with the matching coconut body wash is just heaven to me and helps me to unwind after a stressful day. They literally smell like a summer holiday which is great given I have no break in the calendar currently! Interested to hear what everyone thinks of the coconut body balm, as this is next on my list!

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As expressed in another thread, your primer works really well as a correcting day cream. You might want to look into other products like this? I am thinking products for covering dark circles etc.


Super excited about this 😍 

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I received the Super Facialist primer as a gift. It is amazing! I don't use foundation so I use it as a correcting day cream. Friends have noticed the difference. More products like this please:)

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